Avoid dangerously high Radon levels throughout the winter months...

Radon Gas levels tend to increase during the winter months.  Wisconsin Has No Requirement (Yet) that a contractor is Licensed/Certified to install a Radon System.  This means there are numerous companies with untrained employees not following code when they attempt to remove radon from your home.  PLEASE SEE THE WALL OF SHAME here. Many of these companies are still in business.  An improperly installed system can actually bring concentrated gas from below your house to breathable areas in and around your home.

The Surgeon General has declared Radon the leading cause of Lung Cancer in Non Smokers.  The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, the American Lung Association and the World Health Organization all agree that Radon Gas causes thousands of preventable deaths per year (Maine Division of Environmental Health).

  • visual inspection of all fittings, connectors and couplings 
  • inspection of radon fan (Most major fans are warranted for 5 years from date on the fan) **Radon fans that become louder over time can have worn bearings or debris inside causing them to become less effective. 
  • Check of sealed components and reseal when necessary (Improper Sump Covers, Future Shower Drains, Unsealed Open Areas Behind Basement Showers)
  • Concrete splits:  Cracks that are completely through the basement floor can allow conditioned (heated) air to be sucked down into your radon system - This is not only is a waste of money but can cause a back draft allowing dangerous carbon monoxide to build up in your home

Improper Fan Installation

Improper Venting

Our Winterization Special also includes a visual inspection of radon exhaust points outside your home.  A "walk through" of your current radon system from slab to exhaust explaining any found violations as well as recommended procedures for correcting violations.  Initiating a short term lab test, all for only $175.00

Please give us call at (608) 279-7853 for a certified test today or simply fill out our online contact form by clicking the button below and we'll get right back to you. Make sure to mention this ad to take advantage of our $25.00 Off limited time coupon.