Now is the time be proactive when it comes to radon

Radon Gas contained within the soil is the main cause of radon buildup within your home. This is because the air pressure inside your home is typically lower than the air pressure in the soil outside your home.  This difference in air pressure creates a vacuum inside your home pulling the Radon Gas from the soil outside.

During the winter time the ground freezes around your home allowing less gas to escape through the soil into the air.  This is one main reason why radon levels can be higher within your home during the winter time.  With higher levels within your home, and people spending more time indoors during the winter months (with windows and doors closed) the exposure to the cancer causing gas is greater. Therefore it's paramount to have your home tested before the winter months and assure your home's Radon levels are safe. 

radon regulations madison wisconsin companyIn fact, homes without a Radon System should be tested every five years at a minimum.  Homes with a Radon System should be tested every two years (EPA) recommended.  Soil conditions can change around your home.  Radon levels fluctuate.  The only way to be sure of what you and your family are breathing in is to have a Radon Test performed by a Certified Radon Professional.


Many newer homes have a Passive Radon System installed. This is basically a Radon System without a Radon fan installed. Most of the pipe is hidden in the walls during construction.  Passive Systems rely on the Chimney Effect (warm air rising and pulling cold air with it from below the slab...up and out through the roof). While they are more effective then a house without any Radon system....they are less effective then an Active Radon System. A test should be performed upon installation to see if a Radon Fan is needed.

***INTERESTING FACT:  Active Radon Systems installed properly and sized with the correct Radon Fan can remove 1000-1500 gallons of water vapor per year.


  • Basement Type: Drain Tile, or No Drain Tile & Back fill
  • Air flow
  • Proper Installation ( Many companies aren't certified and systems get installed incorrectly every day). We fix them... take a look at our Wall of Shame for pictures of bad radon mitigation system installations HERE.

Radon Gas exposure has been found by the Surgeon General to be the LEADING cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.  If you have additional questions please reach out to us. Our goal is to educate our local communities and home owners about the dangers of radon  and get it right. Why take the risk? Wisconsin Radon Radon Services LLC provides the following radon related services from Madison, to Milwaukee, all the way to Platteville, down to Monroe, and Beloit.

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