Radon Gas is extremely dangerous for humans and just as dangerous for our family pets.


radon gas can effect pets too in madison wisconsinDid you know Radon Gas exposure can actually be even more deadly for cats & dogs? It's true! The reason is actually very simple, our pets are normally in our Madison area homes

throughout the day and night in comparison to their human owners. The decaying particles of radon gas can be breathed in and then lead to lung cancer in pets. Our animals may even develop other cancer based on radon having a carcinogenic effect. If your dog or cat is suffering from cancer brought on by radon gas they may not want to eat, be feverish, have a hard time breathing regularly, or suffer from excessive throwing up. If your pets are suffering from these symptoms it's important to get your home tested for radon and bring your pet to the vet to see what kind of health treatment they will recommend for your pet.

Ultimately Radon risk depends on the geology underneath your property. The gas collects in pockets underground, seeping into crawlspaces or into basements through foundation cracks and other openings. Because the presence of radon can vary widely in any given area, it is important to find out what the risk is for your own home. For you, and for your pets.

As of late we've had many Madison homeowners ask us about the their pets and how Radon might effect them so we decided to pass along some additional we thought might be helpful to all the dog and cat owners out there. Here you'll find a great article/post written by a Vet regarding dogs and Radon and another here explaining cats, lung cancer, and how Radon is the culprit.

If you're concerned about the Radon levels in your home please don't wait any longer to have a Radon Test completed. Our team at Wisconsin Radon Services LLC are dedicated to providing you accurate results so you can be assured your home is free of high levels of Radon Gas. Please call us at 608-279-7853 or simply schedule your Radon Test Online. Please don't forget, our company also specializes in Radon Mitigation System installation throughout Madison and the Greater Southern Wisconsin area and we also provide Mitigation System Maintenance & Repair.