Wisconsin Radon Services LLC are Madison Wisconsin's Preferred Multi-Unit Radon Testing & Mitigation System Installation Company.

Make sure your tenants are living radon free!

Wisconsin Radon Services are now certified to test and install Radon Mitigation Systems in Multi-Unit properties throughout Madison and all of Southern Wisconsin. Radon Testing is a must for apartment buildings, condos, townhouses and other multi-family properties and with our structured testing process we can assure you accurate results without inconveniencing you or your renters.

Did you know radon testing can also effect your real estate financing? Newly-established HUD guidelines recommend testing all units in a multifamily building to ensure that no resident is exposed to hazardous radon levels. If you are applying for HUD-backed financing or refinancing for a multi-family building, you must have a radon test performed by a radon professional and provide proof of radon mitigation if necessary.

Are you concerned about the radon levels in your building?  Please contact us today to have your multi-family building tested at (608) 279-7853 and feel free to review this video for additional information regarding the extreme dangers of radon gas.